Holt-related criminal activity

Dustin Ryan Williams

26, from Crestview, probation violation, Feb. 9

James Robert Tedder

42, drugs, in Crestview, Feb. 11

Brandon Lee John Devine

32, DUI, in Santa Rosa County, Feb. 12

Devine was arrested in Santa Rosa County in 2017 for child cruelty/abuse.

Christopher John Camarda

39; battery in Okaloosa County Feb. 13; hold for U.S. Marshals in Santa Rosa County Feb. 14

Victoria Ann Palmer

45; from Milton; driving with a suspended license, drugs; Feb. 15

David Joel Rodriguez

39; from Destin; weapon possession by a convicted felon, drugs; Feb. 15

Related:Destin man arrested at Brown’s

Robert Darren Hamm

56, probation violation, Feb. 16

Jonathan Clay Lawson

45, failure to appear, Feb. 12

Lawson was arrested in 2021 for giving a false ID to law enforcement and fraud for impersonating a contractor.

Incidents were in Holt unless otherwise noted. All persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

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