Mosquito spraying to begin soon

HOLT, Fla., April 18, 2023—The Okaloosa County Mosquito Control Program is set to begin in the coming weeks.

The county-wide program, excluding federal and state-owned land, provides surveillance and spraying service to control mosquitos in both larval and adult stages, according to the county website.

Broadcast treatment is conducted in the evening and is required by state law, based on mosquito surveillance data and other methods.

Treatments begin one hour before sunset or in the first hour of sunrise.

Holt schedule

  • Tuesdays: Areas south of U.S. Highway 90 to Milligan
  • Wednesdays: Areas north of Hwy 90 to Galliver Cutoff
  • Thursdays: Areas east of Galliver Cutoff and north of U.S. 90

In addition to spraying, the county has an aggressive larvicide program that includes treating more than 1,500 sites. These are checked on a regular basis.

Additionally, more than 750 ponds and areas with standing water are treated with gambusia fish that eat mosquito larva and are able to reproduce at a high rate.

Residents are also reminded to have outdoor animals vaccinated against mosquito borne disease. Horses should be vaccinated against Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Although West Nile and EEE viruses can occur throughout the year, peak season is August, September and October.

Dog owners are also reminded to have pets treated for heartworms since certain mosquitoes present in Okaloosa County carry the disease.

Beekeepers should contact the county at 850-689-5774 to discuss mosquito control operations that may affect their hives.


  • Stay inside with screened doors and windows when mosquitoes are biting (dusk and dawn)
  • When outside, wear clothing that covers skin
  • Apply mosquito repellant that contains DEET when outside
  • Turn over standing water where mosquitoes can lay eggs

For more information about the county’s mosquito control program, visit the website.

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