Throwback Thursday: Holt Post Office


Holt post office in the 1940s (photo courtesy Baker Block Museum)

Holt’s first post office, opened in 1883, was located in the Holt-Seigler building on Main Street north of the railroad tracks. Henry Bovis was the first postmaster.

William Holt, son of David Holt for whom the town is named, became postmaster in 1890. The town was known as Holts Station at the time.

In 1906, the post office moved into the Webb building across the street. However, the building burned and the post office moved into a small store built by Bob Shoffner.

Still not finding a permanent place, the post office moved yet again in the early 1920s into a building built by Jim Cooper until it too was destroyed by fire in 1924.

Meanwhile, the first rural route was established April 16, 1924.  Eural Terry was the first mail carrier and covered a 30-mile route three times a week.

The nomadic post office continued to wander from place to place until it found a permanent home on Highway 90 in 1985 where it stands today.


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