Throwback Thursday: Lumber Locomotive


W. T. Smith Sons Timber Co. Engine No. 4. (photo from the collection of John B. Allen, a Kentucky railroad collector)

This locomotive is a Glover 121624, built in December 1916.  This was the 24th standard-gauge steam locomotive built that year. This design had 12-inch cylinders with a 16-inch stroke to turn steam into energy to drive the engine.

This engine was originally operated by W. T. Smith Sons Timber Co. as engine No. 4. Smith Sons Timber operated a lumber company in Holt in the early 1900s.

After leaving Smith Sons Timber, the locomotive went to Southern Iron and Equipment Co. as Engine No. 1300 before finally winding up in South Carolina as Walterboro Lumber Co. Engine No. 2 in 1918 (as shown above).

Small work steam locomotives worked off the main rail lines. They were used to haul lumber out of wooded, sometimes swampy areas.

Editor’s Note:  If you have a photo of an old Holt memory, send it to Holt Enterprise News for Throwback Thursday at Don’t forget to include what the photo is about.


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