Tropics Update: System in Atlantic slow to develop


Two storms are being tracked by the National Hurricane Center (image courtesy NHC)

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 5, 2017–The system in the Atlantic Ocean is still expected to develop into a tropical depression by next week.

While it hasn’t shown any further development during the past day or two, the National Hurricane Center gives this system a 70 percent chance of further development during the next five days.

The system is moving west-northwest across the tropical Atlantic at 15 mph.

New hurricane tracking models now show the storm crossing the Bahamas toward the Gulf of Mexico rather than turning north-northwestward up the eastern U.S. coast.

In the Caribbean Sea, shower and thunderstorm activity increased overnight near the tropical wave located there.

The system is moving west-northwestward at 10-to-15 mph.

The hurricane center expects some possible development of this system before it reaches the Yucatan peninsula Tuesday. Once it crosses, further development of the storm over the Bay of Campeche is possible sometime during the middle of next week.

If the storm turns west, continues inland over Central America and southeastern Mexico and does not re-emerge over water, further development is not likely, according to the NHC.

Formation during the next five days is at 50 percent.


This morning’s hurricane tracking models show the Atlantic storm system moving across the Bahamas toward the Gulf of Mexico. (image courtesy South Florida Water Management District)


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