Cold temps, freeze expected throughout the week


Lows tonight are expected in the upper 20s with gusty winds, with 19-degree low Tuesday. (National Weather Service Mobile)

HOLT, Fla., Dec. 31, 2017–Prolonged cold temperatures and hard freezes are forecast for this area beginning tonight through at least Tuesday according to the National Weather Service in Mobile.

A very cold air mass will move south across the forecast area late today and tonight. Gusty northerly winds are also likely lat today and tonight, according to NWS Mobile.

Low temperature for tonight is forecast for around 26 degrees by early morning with 12-to-13 mph winds, dropping the wind chill into the teens.

Temps will warm up into the low 40s Monday before dropping into the low 20s during the nighttime hours. An 8-to-9-mph wind will bring the wind chill down into the single digits.


Okaloosa County is in a hard freeze watch area. (NWS Mobile)

As a result, a hard freeze watch is in effect from Monday evening through Wednesday morning. The NWS defines a “hard freeze” as 20 degrees or colder.

Low temperatures are expected to fall into the upper teens to around 20 degrees Monday and Tuesday nights.

A prolonged period of sub-freezing temperatures could result in hyperthermia and will be a danger for pets, livestock and sensitive vegetation, the NWS warns. Exposed water pipes will be at risk of freezing and possibly bursting.


Cold Weather Preparations
  • Wear layers, gloves, hats to stay warm when outside.
  • Bring pets inside or provide them a warm shelter.
  • Cover sensitive plants, or bring them in if they’re portable.
  • Cover exposed outdoor pipes; allow outdoor faucets to drip to prevent broken frozen pipes.
  • Don’t use fuel-burning (charcoal or wood) grills or other devices inside. They release carbon monoxide gas.

The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension Office offers the five Ps for cold weather preparedness:

  • Protect People
  • Protect Pets
  • Protect Pipes
  • Protect Plants
  • Practice Fire Safety



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