Girlfriend pounds boyfriend’s head with hammer

HOLT, Fla., March 21, 2018–An argument with a girlfriend ended up with the boyfriend having his head pounded with a hammer here yesterday.

A witness said he spotted 45-year-old Steven Bashore bleeding near a car and stopped to see if he had been in a crash.

He said Bashore said he did not need any help and waved him off.

Bayshore said his argument with his live-in girlfriend ended with her picking up a hammer from the floorboard of their car and striking him in the head several times.

OstmanMegan Amanda Ostman, 28, is charged with aggravated battery in connection with the incident which took place around five p.m. off Log Lake Road.

Responding Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies found the pair at River’s Edge Campground where Ostman admitting hitting Bashore in the head with a hammer several times “due to a look he gave her.”

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office release

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