Thieves steal change and ice cream from local restaurant


Susan’s Restaurant in Holt was broken into twice in less than a week.

HOLT, Fla., July 22, 2018–A local restaurant here was broken into twice in less than a week.

Susan’s Restaurant on U.S. 90 was broken into sometime after closing last Monday and ┬áSaturday nights.

Only small change and a serving of ice cream was taken.

The first burglary happened sometime after Monday’s closing and Tuesday’s opening.

The recent break-in happened after closing Saturday and was discovered around midday Sunday.

Normally closed Sundays, restaurant owner Susan White goes in each Sunday just to check on things.

Discovery of Sunday’s robbery was made while installing a security camera system because of the first burglary, ironically.

White noticed the cash register was out of place and called the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

During both burglaries, thieves stole change from the register, but nothing else, except a serving of ice cream during Tuesday’s break-in.

The thief likes strawberry and prefers a cone to a cup.


The thief helped himself to a cone of strawberry ice cream during Tuesday’s break-in.

“He took the waffle cone that had been on display [on the ice cream counter] for months,” said White. “He was nice enough to leave the scoop and close the [ice cream] lid,” though he did leave the ice cream freezer lid open.

When White found the ice cream scoop Tuesday, she carefully placed it in a zip-lock bag and put it in the freezer to help preserve any evidence.

The OCSO dusted for fingerprints and took DNA swabs during Sunday’s investigation.

With only two entrances to the restaurant, it’s unclear at this time how the thief or thieves broke into the restaurant, though a side-door entry is suspected.

Because only small change was stolen, it is possible those responsible were on foot or bicycle since nothing else was taken, but it’s not known for sure, according to the deputy who responded.

These break-ins are the only ones for the business in the four years since Susan’s Restaurant has been open.

Stephanie Holcombe




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