‘Beef–it’s what for dinner’ and lunch and even breakfast


HOLT, Fla., Aug. 22, 2018–Calling all area beef eaters: Holt’s own DCD Land and Cattle is now selling beef.

DCD opened its ranch-raised beef sales business, called The Meat Market, July 10.

There wasn’t a big rollout of the opening, according to owner Carol Dewrell.

“It’s been kind of by word of mouth. Business is just a trickle now,” she said. “We announced it on facebook and hung a banner on the fence.”

The best part about The Meat Market is customers don’t have to buy half a cow to enjoy fresh beef.

BeefPrices2“It’s just like going to a grocery store.” Dewrell said. “You can buy just a pound of hamburger.”

All cows identified for food are slaughtered at a USDA facility in south Alabama where the meat is vacuum sealed in mealtime portions.

DCD used to sell half or quarter cows, but decided to make it easier for its customers who only wanted enough beef for a meal or two.

“People nowadays don’t have the freezer space” to store half a cow, Dewrell said. “We try to accommodate everyone.”

DCDMeat(1895)The Meat Market has posted hours, but for now, purchases are by appointment only by calling 850-259-5207.

Because DCD Land and Cattle is a working ranch, customers might find the Market doors locked, but it won’t be long before someone shows up.

“It may take us five minutes to get here,” she said. “I hate to make people wait.”


DCD raises red and black Angus and Hereford cattle for seedstock, show stock and food.

Cattle are raised on the ranch and don’t come from stockyards, according to Dewrell. They own two breeding bulls, a black Angus and a red Angus.

Humanely raised, DCD’s cattle spend their days on grass and aren’t given any hormones or antibiotics.

“I like to say we have the healthiest best beef you can buy,” Dewrell said.

DCD Land and Cattle is located at 4109 Cooper Lane in Holt, just 15 minutes from Crestview and Baker, and 40 minutes from Fort Walton Beach.

Stephanie Holcombe


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