Tropical system expected by weekend

two_atl_5d0-1HOLT, Fla., Aug. 30, 2018–The tropical wave expected off the west coast of Africa has moved over the Atlantic Ocean.

Satellite images and surface observations indicate a well-defined low-pressure system is located just off the west coast of Senegal, Africa.

Environmental conditions are favorable for a tropical depression or a tropical storm to form by the weekend as the disturbance moves west or west-northwest at about 15 mph near the Cabo Verde Islands during the next day or two.

This system is expected to bring heavy rains and strong gusty winds to the Cabo Verde Islands Friday and Saturday.

If the current development trend continues, tropical storm watches or warnings will likely be required for these islands later today.

ModelsModels show this system curving toward the west-northwest and remaining in the Atlantic Ocean.

Formation chance through 48 hours is high at 80 percent with a 90 percent chance through the next five days.

Staff and National Hurricane Forecast

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