Holt Water annual meeting held

HoltWaterTowerHOLT, Fla., Sept. 21, 2017–Holt Water Works Inc. held its annual meeting Sept. 20 to elect new board members and officers and give an overview of the past year’s accomplishments.

Sitting board member Cecil Elmore, whose term was complete, was re-elected by unanimous vote to serve for another three years.

New board member Stephanie Holcombe also was unanimously voted onto the board of directors to fill a vacant position left by board president Alan Barton who retired.

Additionally, member Mark Christiansen was unanimously elected as the new board president.

As part of the annual meeting, secretary Donna Ash gave an overview of the past year’s accomplishments.

During the utility’s last fiscal year, from July 1, 2017, to June 30, Ash reported Holt Water installed 22 new water meters; however, that number was corrected to 31 new meters, more than three time as many as last year.

Water lines were replaced as needed, removing some more than 50 years old laid in 1966, according to Ash.

Following the elections, five door prize drawings were held for $25 gift certificates to Susan’s Restaurant, Sherry’s Restaurant, Cathy’s Creations and two $25 utility bill credits.

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