Prowler pretending to be a deputy arrested in Crestview


Mark Jason Tymon

CRESTVIEW, Fla., Oct. 15, 2018–A Crestview man was arrested for claiming to be a police officer Oct. 13.

Arrested was Mark Jason Tymon, 45, on charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer and prowling.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office was called after a man showed up to a Crestview resident’s house claiming to be a member of the Sheriff’s Office.

The Feldon Drive resident said someone knocked on her back door around 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

Answering the door, she saw a man who identified himself as “Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.”

She told him to go to the front of the residence and said he walked out of sight, but did not go to the front door.

An OCSO deputy arrived and while speaking to the woman, a man later identified as Tymon walked from behind the home.

When the deputy told him to get on his knees, Tymon replied he was a police officer. He continued to refuse the deputy’s commands before ultimately being handcuffed.

Tymon then said he lived nearby and was playing a “dare” game but changed that to claim he was walking his dog and heard screaming.

When asked where he lived, Tymon gave two different addresses.

He was taken to the Okaloosa County Jail and later released on bond.

Staff and OCSO release


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