Locals losing cash to scam artists

SHALIMAR, Fla., Nov. 7, 2018–Local residents are being scammed by someone claiming to be law enforcement.

Local residents are receiving calls from someone claiming to be a deputy with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office.

At least one person who fell for the scheme is out $1,500 as a result, according to an OCSO release.

Caller ID showed “Okaloosa County” in one of the cases and the caller identified himself as an OCSO deputy.

He told the victim he had missed jury duty and would be held in in criminal contempt if he didn’t pay $500 for a fine and $400 for court fees.

The caller told the victim his phone was being tracked by GPS and if he didn’t comply he would be arrested.

GrenDotWhile the caller kept the victim on the phone, the victim was directed to a retail store where he purchased two Green Dot cards.

The caller had the victim provide the numbers off the backs of the cards, then advised the victim one of the cards was no good and had him purchase another one for an additional $500.

The caller directed the victim to drive to the OCSO Livingston Office at 197 E. James Lee Blvd. in Crestview where a deputy would make contact with him.

When no deputy arrived, the victim contacted the sheriff’s office.

In another case Tuesday, a victim also received a telephone call from a male claiming to be an OCSO deputy.

The suspect told the victim she failed to report for jury duty and if she did not pay $1,500 immediately, she would be arrested.

While keeping the victim on the phone and advising her phone was being tracked by GPS, the victim was directed to a retail store where she obtained three pre-paid debit cards and provided the card information to the suspect.

The suspect then instructed the victim to go to Crestview sheriff’s office and make contact with him; however, no one was there when she arrived.

The victim then notified OCSO of the incident.

OCSO release

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