Holt-related arrests

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Dalton Dakota Ballard; 22; from Pace; resisting arrest, drugs; Dec. 15

Jon’ Tea Yo’Chae Broadnax; from Pensacola; carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest, drugs; Dec. 15

Zamaurice Antone Burden, 28, drugs, Dec. 15

Patrick Colbie Koehler; 22; from Pace; fleeing from police by car, revoked license, resisting arrest, drugs; Dec. 15

Taylor Adair Thomas; 19; from Gulf Breeze; hit-and-run with damage, resisting arrest by car, drugs; Dec. 15

Thomas Andrew Gartner; 51; illegal license plate, petty larceny; Dec. 16

Arlie Franklin Grice, 58, simple assault on law enforcement/firefighter, Dec. 17

Joyce Ann Grice, 55, second offense of domestic battery, Dec. 17

Elaine Marie Miller, 38, probtion violation for drug possession, Dec. 18

Allen Russel Mobley, 33, drugs, Dec. 19. He was arrested for domestic battery in October and drugs in May.

Teresa Diane McClantoc, 59, drugs, Dec. 20

Incidents were in Holt unless otherwise noted. All persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.


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