Holt-related arrests

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Betty Joline Graham, 29, drugs, Dec. 29

Logan Kade Lewis, 23, arrested by Florida Fish and Wildlife in Santa Rosa County for weapon possession by a convicted Florida felon, Dec. 29

Max Dalton Moore, 24, probation violation for battery, Dec. 29

Jacob Daniel Mashburn; 26; burglary, theft, four counts of grand theft of a firearm, dealing in stolen property; Jan. 3

Timathy Michael Matthews, 32, writing bad checks, Jan. 2. Matthews was arrested in December last year for the same offenses. He was arrested in September 2017 for failure to appear, violation of parole and theft. He was also arrested in October 2017 for false identification and driving with a revoked license.

Jamie Rebekkah Cunningham; 30; driving without a license, drugs; in Santa Rosa County; Jan. 4. Cunningham was arrested in October 2018 for failure to appear at court, in June 2018 for driving with a suspended license and drugs in Santa Rosa County and in March and April 2018 for driving with a suspended license and carrying a concealed weapon in Santa Rosa County.

Amos Ray Burks, 29, probation violation in Bay County for drugs, Jan. 4

Allen Russell Mobley; 33; battery, drugs; Jan. 4. Mobley was arrested in December 2018 for drugs, in October 2018 for drugs and domestic battery and for drugs in May 2018.

Incidents were in Holt unless otherwise noted. All persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

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