Holt-related criminal activity

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Joseph Brandon Fleming, 32, from Baker, drugs, June 1

Daniel Brent Price; 35; from Crestview; battery, obstructing justice, drugs; June 2

Sabrina Lynn Wendell; 35; driving under the influence, resisting arrest with violence, marijuana possession; in Santa Rosa County; June 2

Taylor Olivia Mashburn, 27, drugs, June 3

Oscar Hardee Moody; drugs, drug trafficking; June 3. Moody was arrested for drug-related charges in March 2019 and April 2018. He’s being held without bond.

Curtis Simmons, pre-trial conditional release violation for domestic violence, June 3

Chayanne Marie Lawson, 39, out of county arrest for probation violation for a felony offense in Santa Rosa County, June 4. Lawson was arrested for probation violation and giving false information to a pawnbroker in January. She was also arrested for drugs and a concealed weapon in July 2017, pawning someone else’s property in November 2017, for drugs in Santa Rosa County  February 2018 and for probation violation in Santa Rosa County in May 2018.

Mary Elizabeth Livingston, 28, drugs, June 5

Incidents were in Holt unless otherwise noted. All persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

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