Dorian at a near standstill over Bahamas

Info-9-28amHOLT, Fla., Sept. 2, 2019—Hurricane Dorian has become nearly stationary sitting over the Bahamas.

Moving at 1 mph, the hurricane is pounding eastern Grand Bahama with 165 mph winds, 200 mph gusts and torrential rain as the core of the storm barely inches across the island.

A slow west-to-west-northwest motion is forecast during the next day or so but until then, Dorian will continue to batter Grand Bahama through much of today and tonight, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Once it starts moving again, the storm will make a gradual turn toward the northwest, then head north.

The NHC anticipates the system will remain a dangerous major hurricane for the next several days.

Although the official forecast does not show Dorian making landfall along the Florida east coast, it is still possible for the hurricane to deviate from this forecast and move very near or over the coast, according to the NHC.

Isolated tornadoes are possible this afternoon into tonight along the immediate coast of east-central Florida.

Hurricane conditions are expected within the hurricane warning area in Florida by late tonight or Tuesday. Hurricane conditions are possible in the hurricane watch area Wednesday.

Tropical storm conditions are expected within the tropical storm warning area today and Tuesday and are possible in the tropical storm watch area by tonight.


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