Holt Academy remains open


HOLT, Fla., March 23, 2020–Holt Academy and Holt Academy-Baker will remain open to allow parents in critical jobs the ability to continue to work.

“Holt Academy will remain open at this time to help support our community and allow needed workers the opportunity to continue to provide much-needed goods and services,” stated the owners in a letter on Facebook.

The owners are asking parents to only bring children who actually need daycare to ensure there is room for people working in critical jobs such as medical, law enforcement, food delivery and others.

Beginning tomorrow, both academy locations will close at 5:30 p.m. to allow staff to thoroughly clean before children arrive the next day.

For families choosing to keep their children at home, Holt Academy will suspend tuition and hold their children’s position at the centers, but need parents to call and let staff know.

Families who used subsidized daycare will continue to receive the subsidy if they keep their children at home, but also need to contact the academy to let them know.

Because diapers and wipes are in short supply, families with children wearing diapers or pull-ups need to ensure a supply of diapers, pull-ups and baby wipes are available at the center.

Children who exhibit cold or flu-like symptoms will be sent home.

“By working together, we will get through this crisis,” the statement said. “Our priorities are to keep our children safe and to keep everyone working that needs to be at work.”

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