Florida’s coronavirus numbers still rising


Florida Department of Health morning update data.

HOLT, Fla., April 17, 2020—Florida’s COVID-19 cases and deaths from the virus continue to rise after two weeks of self-isolation.

With talk about reopening the economy, it’s notable that Florida’s third-highest rise in positive cases since April 1 was yesterday, an increase in more than 800 cases in a 24-hour period.

Since April 1, the number of coronavirus cases in Florida increased by more than 16,300.

A month ago, March 21, there were 10 virus-related deaths.  That number had risen to 676 as of today’s data from Florida’s Department of Health.

Locally, Okaloosa County’s number also continue to creep up incrementally. However, yesterday’s numbers increased by 10, the highest jump of positive cases since April 1.

While the majority of cases are south of Interstate 10, in north Okaloosa, Crestview-area cases have increased to 13.

The areas west of the Yellow River and north of Crestview continue to report zero cases.

In south county, Fort Walton Beach has the most cases at 43 with Destin second at 26. Niceville’s numbers increased to 18 with the other areas remaining the same.

Information is based on Florida’s DOH dashboard data.

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