New tropical waves in Atlantic

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 27, 2020—The National Hurricane Center has identified two tropical waves in the eastern Atlantic Ocean as the peak of the 2020 hurricane season approaches.

The most active period of the hurricane season is approximately Aug. 20 to Sept. 20 with Sept. 10 identified as the seasonal peak.

The first tropical wave, located about 900 miles east of the Windward Islands has a low 30 percent chance of development as it moves west around 15 mph toward the Caribbean Islands.

Another wave is located over the eastern Atlantic just west of the coast of Africa.

It’s not forecast to develop due to an unfavorable environment.

However, the southern part of the wave is expected to be nearly stationary south of the Cabo Verde Islands for the next several days before it begins moving into more favorable conditions in the central tropical Atlantic.

This wave also has a 30 percent chance of development during the five-day forecast period.

Tropical Depression Laura is forecast to continue moving east-northeast across Kentucky, West Virginia and Virginia today into tomorrow before entering the Atlantic Ocean where it is expected to strengthen into an extratropical storm during the weekend.

National Hurricane Center forecast

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