Systems show promise of future development

HOLT, Fla., Aug. 24, 2021—The three areas the National Hurricane Center is watching continue to promise further development.

A broad area of low pressure is expected to form in a couple of days from a tropical wave located over the central Caribbean Sea, according to the NHC.

Conditions are forecast to be favorable for development of the low if it remains over water, and a tropical depression could form late this week or this weekend.

Formation chance through the five-day forecast period is 60 percent.

Invest 97 is a broad trough of low pressure over the central tropical Atlantic Ocean almost 1,000 miles east-northeast of the northern Leeward Islands.

While little development is expected during the next day or two, conditions are expected to become more favorable and a tropical depression is likely to develop by the end of the week.

It now has a 70 percent chance of development.

Closer to Africa, some development of the tropical wave now identified as Invest 98 is likely during the next several days as it moves west-northwest, according to the NHC.

However, by the weekend, upper-level winds are forecast to become less favorable for development.

For now, the forecast tracks for both Atlantic systems keep them out to sea.

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