Car fire causes excitement at Holt Academy

A Ford Edge SUV engine catches fire in the Holt Academy parking lot Dec. 15. (photo by Boe Miller)

HOLT, Fla., Dec. 15, 2021—The kids at Holt Academy here got an unexpected visit from the fire department when a parent’s car caught fire in the parking lot today.

No one was hurt during the incident.

According to Academy co-owner Boe Miller, a mother buckled her child in the car seat and climbed behind the wheel. When she started the car, she saw flames coming from the engine.

Both mother and child escaped unhurt.

Heat from the car fire melted half the porch ceiling at the school.

The fire burned the entire front half and back seat area and melted the front tires.

The heat from the fire melted the plastic soffit on the building directly in front of the car and half the porch ceiling covering.

A wooden fence between the car and the building also caught fire.

Smoke filled the building attic, according to firefighters.

Miller, unaware of the fire, pulled into the parking lot. Seeing the white Ford Edge SUV aflame, he parked and ran into the building.

“I slammed my car into park and ran in and said, ‘There’s a car on fire.’”

Miller’s wife, Lori, part owner of the school, said, “I know. We’re getting everybody out,” according to Boe.

The children were evacuated to the playground after being awakened from their naps early.

Because the school practices fire drills monthly, the evacuation went off without a hitch.

Holt Fire District responded along with Baker and Harold Fire Districts as well as Crestview Fire Department.

Because the fire was contained to the parking lot, the building was given an all-clear for the kids to return.

Some continued to play outside and squealed with delight when the Holt Fire truck blasted its goodbye as it left the property.

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