Three arrested at Holt Dollar General Sunday

HOLT, Fla., Feb. 2, 2022—Three people were arrested after a shoplifting report was filed at the Dollar General store Sunday evening.

Arrested were:

  • Timothy Benton, 30, Milton, charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Ryan Taylor Catsulis, 29, Navarre, charged with possession of weapon or ammo by a convicted felon, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, smuggling contraband into a county detention facility
  • Jackie Ellen Passmore, 28, Milton, charged with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony parole violation from Santa Rosa County

Around 9:30 p.m., an OCSO deputy responded to a theft call at the Dollar General.

Upon arrival, Benton and Catsulis were found sitting in a GMC Sierra pickup. They were positively identified by store employee as individuals who committed the theft.

It is unclear from the arrest reports exactly where Passmore was when deputies arrived or what was allegedly stolen.

According to Benton’s arrest report, he was sitting in the driver’s seat with a semiautomatic pistol in his lap with loaded magazines within reach. Cutsulis was seated in the backseat.

Because of the weapon, both men were removed from the truck and searched. Passmore’s backpack was also searched.

A K9 search of the pickup turned up containers with narcotics and drug paraphernalia located throughout the truck: on top of the center console, behind the console and in the backseat area, according to Benton’s arrest report.

The search also uncovered a small, clear plastic bag with white power which field tested positive for methamphetamine, as well as two small plastic bags of marijuana.

A glass smoking pike with residue field tested for meth. There were also two marijuana pipes, two marijuana grinders with residue and two packs of cigarette rolling papers.

Benton admitted to owning the drugs and paraphernalia in the truck.

A body search of Cutsulis, a convicted felon, uncovered a glass smoking pipe with white residue that field tested for meth, according to his arrest report.

Before entering the Okaloosa County Jail for processing, a deputy asked Cutsulis if he had anything else to declare to which he responded, “no, nothing.” However, a full body search by jail staff uncovered a bag of meth in his pants pocket resulting in the smuggling charge, according to the report.

A search of Passmore’s backpack at the scene uncovered a clear glass pipe with white residue which she admitted she used to smoke meth, according to her report.

She also admitted she owned the container of meth in her backpack. Additionally, she had a jeweler’s bag with white powder in her pants pocket that also field tested for meth.

Passmore is on felony probation for aggravated manslaughter on an elderly or disabled person in Santa Rosa County.

All three were processed into the Okaloosa County Jail.

2 thoughts on “Three arrested at Holt Dollar General Sunday

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  2. I guess there was nothing found stolen so profile people on how they look for being a person who steals how sad but didn’t find nothing What a sorry worthless dollar general to for doing that.And not much to say for police department.


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