A ‘super’ total lunar eclipse happens Sunday night

HOLT, Fla., May 15, 2022—Tomorrow’s full moon promises a double treat: a super moon with a total lunar eclipse.

The lunar show happens at a fairly good time, beginning early Sunday night and ending just after midnight Monday morning.

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January 2018 total eclipse.

The last lunar eclipse, in January 2018, happened as the moon was setting here, with the total phase occurring after moonset.

In this area, seeing the eclipse will depend on the weather.

Sunday night’s forecast calls for partly cloudy skies after a slight chance of thunderstorms earlier in the day.

The eclipse begins as early as 8:31 p.m. as the moon starts to move into the outer edge of the Earth’s shadow. Total eclipse, when the moon turns an orange, coppery color, begins at 10:28 p.m.

A total eclipse happens only during a full moon, when the sun, Earth and moon are in alignment.

When this happens, the moon moves completely through the Earth’s shadow, turning the moon from a bright grayish white to orange, red or a coppery color, determined by sunlight filtered the rough the Earth’s atmosphere.

Sunday’s moon, known as the “flower” moon, will also be the first super moon of the year. A super moon happens when the moon moves closest to the Earth, also known as perigee. At perigee, the moon appears bigger and brighter.

Those who miss this lunar event have a second chance when another total eclipse happens Nov. 8.


  • Penumbral begins 8:31 p.m.—moon moves into the outer edge of the earth’s shadow
  • Partial begins 9:27 p.m.—moon begins to move into the darkest part of the earth’s shadow
  • Total begins 10:28 p.m.—totally eclipsed
  • Peak at 11:11 p.m.—moon at its maximum eclipsed state
  • Total ends 11:53 p.m.—total eclipse ends as the moon moves back into the outer edge of the earth’s shadow
  • Ends at 12:55 a.m.—moon is completely out of the darkest part of the earth’s shadow
  • Eclipse ends 1:52 a.m.–lunar show is over May 16

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