In other news …

Haboob turns sky completely black

Two people were killed when a wall of dust propelled by more than 100 mph winds blew through parts of South Dakota Thursday. The cloud engulfed Sioux Falls, turning the sky completely black. The governor reported damage in at least 28 counties. A “haboob”—a technical weather term that originated in the Middle East—is  considered an extreme dust or sandstorm that can last up to three hours. This happens when high winds stir up so much dust that it restricts visibility. Think “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol” when Tom Cruise chased a bad guy through a sandstorm in Dubai.

Speaking of dust…

The Saharan Air Layer, aka a huge dust cloud, will make its way across the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf Coast this weekend. When that happens, we can expect haze and amazing sunrises and sunsets. It can also affect allergies. The presence of the SAL can inhibit hurricane development. Reminder: Hurricane season begins in 11 days. (image courtesy FoxNews)

Well, maybe the truth isn’t out there after all

Tuesday’s unexplained aerial phenomena congressional hearing, the first in more than a half a century, didn’t shed any light on the subject of UFOs. Senior Defense Department officials from the intelligence community did say that nothing they’ve investigated has suggested any of the incidents were non-terrestrial in origin. Nor has the U.S. government recovered any alien material from landings on Earth. Admitting there are a number of incidents without explanation, officials assured the committee that the intelligence community is committed to finding explanations, primarily because these events pose flight safety and security risks.

Overdoses reach new high

Lab-made drugs cause more deaths than any other drug. Synthetic opioid drugs such as fentanyl and methamphetamine are the number one and two most deadliest drugs. Together, these two drugs helped push U.S. drug overdoses to a new high in 2021, topping 100,000 deaths in a single year. Synthetic drugs are easier to make and smuggle than plant-based drugs. They’re also less expensive for buyers. And they’re more potent. Fentanyl is 80-100 times stronger than morphine, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

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