In other news


The Giant Slide, a Detroit park attraction that dates back to 1967, got a little frisky when it reopened after COVID. In their exuberance to get the slide back in action, workers gave the slide a good waxing. Too good. Riders zipped down catching air like skiers going over moguls, butts thumping back down after each hill, before crashing into the fencing at the end. The ride temporarily closed as workers rubbed some of the wax off and watered the slide down to get ride speeds back down to a normal pace.

Roadside salsa

An early morning truck crash on northern California’s Interstate 80 spilled 150,000 tomatoes onto the highway about two feet deep, according to highway patrol. Passing cars crushed them into paste, which became slick enough to cause chain-reaction crashes. Both eastbound and westbound lanes of I-80 were closed for about 10 hours as people, vehicles and tomatoes were removed from the highway.

It’s corn!

“I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing.” A young boy named Tariq talked about his love of corn to Gregory Brothers who turned his comments into a song that’s gone viral. The music video has amassed more than 2 million hits. Even Kevin Bacon took a turn at the song. Have a corntastic day!

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