Storms dump water here, cause Destin damage

HOLT, Fla., Feb. 4, 2018–Rain and winds pushed through this area ahead of a low-pressure system this morning.

A storm that came through during the 6 a.m. hour dumped 1.26 inches of rain and produced a 35 mph gust here, according to reports from the Bob Sikes Airport in Crestview.

The storm continued eastward and produced straight winds in Destin, knocking down trees and fences and peeling back aluminum roofing around 6:30 a.m. as it pushed through. No injuries were reported.

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Behind the storms, temperature highs are 5-to-10 degrees above seasonal norms with clearing skies.

Tonight and tomorrow night will be clear with a low of 42 degrees. Highs Monday expected around 63 degrees.

The next chance for showers is Tuesday into Wednesday as another low system moves through the area.

(photos Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office)

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