Holt man arrested for domestic violence

STORY UPDATE: Oct. 4, 2018–An additional charge of failure to appear for the domestic battery/strangulation and burglary charges have been added to Salter’s list of charges.

Updated charges include: multiple counts of battery, kidnapping, petty larceny, resisting arrest and obstructing justice–a third-degree felony–as well as failure to appear for the previous offenses of battery/strangulation and burglary from an August arrest, according to Okaloosa County Department of Corrections website.

HOLT, Fla., Oct. 2, 2018–A Holt man was arrested on multiple charges here Monday morning.


Samuel Jacob Salter Jr.

Samuel Jacob Salter Jr., 28, was arrested for domestic battery by strangulation; domestic kidnapping, a first-degree felony; petty larceny; resisting arrest and obstructing justice.

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report, the incident began when Salter found his live-in girlfriend sleeping in her car at Brown’s Grocery on U.S. 90.

She awoke to find Salter at her car window.

He got in her car without her permission and demanded her to drive him home.

After driving a short distance, she stopped and refused to go any further.

Salter tried to push his girlfriend’s foot on the accelerator, but when that didn’t work, he grabbed her by her hair and slugged her on the back of her neck, according to the arrest report.

She then continued the drive to Salter’s home.

Once there, Salter took the car keys, preventing her from leaving. She locked herself inside the car and called 911.

When Salter saw the OCSO patrol car arrive, he ran through the backyard, ignoring the Sheriff’s deputy’s commands to stop.

Salter was apprehended and arrested a short distance from his residence.  When searched, he still had his girlfriend’s car keys in his possession.

According to Salter’s side of the story in the arrest report, his girlfriend contacted him and said she was sleeping in her car at Brown’s.

When he arrived, she voluntarily drove him home to wait for his uncle to take him to turn himself in on his warrant.

Salter denied touching or hitting his girlfriend even though she had a red mark on the back of her neck.

Salter was denied bond and is awaiting a hearing at the Okaloosa County jail.

In addition to this incident, Salter was also arrested for domestic battery by strangulation in April.

Stephanie Holcombe

8 thoughts on “Holt man arrested for domestic violence

  1. Sam Salter is a habitual offender. This is not the first nor will it be the last, he uses his hands to abuse the women whom he claims to care for. After all these years, justice is finally served.


    • What right you got to say he is hibatul offender and just who are you and how do you know anything about my son. oh I get it you’re probably one of the little ugly ass little girls that he turned down and you’re still butthurt over it right


  2. If anything he needs support&& needs his friends and family to be there for him. Even if he has done wrong , he is paying for it now! I myself, wish this never happened… it was very tragic and scary to go through. loving somebody and making the right decisions are hard. I only wanted what was best for him. Hell always and forever be in my heart..


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