More to watch in the Atlantic

ForecastHOLT, Fla., Sept. 13, 2019–Another reminder that this is the peak of the hurricane season popped up in the eastern Atlantic Ocean today.

Joining Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine and the eastern wave is yet another tropical wave off the coast of Africa.

septemberIt’s the time of year when waves begin popping off the African coast and head west.  Some spin up into hurricanes; some don’t develop past being a tropical depression, if that.

The newest wave, located a few hundred miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands is forecast to develop slowly during the next few days and the National Hurricane Center is giving this a 20 percent chance for now.

The wave ahead of it to the west now has a 50-50 chance to become a tropical depression early next week as it travels west, according to the NHC.

Cone-9-13-8amMeanwhile, the system that has everyone’s attention right now is better organized but still doesn’t have a well-defined circulation center, according to the hurricane center.

Once it moves into a more favorable environment, the system is forecast to develop into a tropical depression or storm and intensify, possibly later today or tomorrow, as it remains over portions of the Bahamas, including Andros Island.

The new NHC forecast track now calls for the system to spend less time over the Florida peninsula.

Tropical storm watches are up for Florida’s central east coast from Jupiter Inlet to the Flagler-Volusia county line.

Tropical-storm-force winds and heavy rain could arrive during the weekend as the system moves along or over Florida’s east coast Saturday and Saturday night, according to the NHC.

Staff and NHC forecast

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