Time to mail is now for this holiday season

unitedstatespostalservice.pngHOLT, Fla., Dec. 2, 2019—There’s Only 23 days until Christmas.

For shoppers, there’s still plenty of time.

For mailers, not so much.

Now that Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, the Christmas season is in full swing.

But what many people may not yet realize is time to mail those packages to loved ones has been shortened by about a week.

“We’ve lost six-to-seven mailing opportunity dates this year because of a shortened mail season,” said Rhonda Patterson, Baker postmaster.

And those who haven’t mailed their overseas packages are way behind, she added.

“Overseas mailings should have already been done, she said. “Mail will begin to slow down because of the volume.”

Not only will there not be any extended mailing hours, but both the Holt and Baker post offices will be closing at noon Christmas Eve.

So, the advice from both post offices? Get those packages mailed now.


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