Suspected Crestview drug house target of search warrant

CRESTVIEW, Fla., Aug. 13, 2020—A search warrant was executed in Crestview yesterday by the Okaloosa County Multi-Agency Drug Task Force as part of its continuing mission to combat illegal drug activity and drug dealers throughout the local area.


William John “Tat” Beatty

As a result of what was found at the home, William John “Tat” Beatty, 51, was charged with keeping a public nuisance structure for drug activity, three counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of ammo by a convicted felon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Beatty, who has a prior conviction through the Crestview Police Department for trafficking in heroin, told deputies he is a user but does not sell controlled substances.

However, a review of his cell phone revealed multiple text messages telling people he was “good,” meaning he had drugs to sell, asked if anyone needed any and asked them to sell drugs for him, according to the arrest report.

Task force investigators found fentanyl, hydrocodone, scales, smoking devices with methamphetamine residue and multiple small clear bags with corners missing inside the house.

A prescription bottle with approximately .61 grams of Beatty’s blood was also found during the search. Beatty told investigators he would withdraw his blood while “high” on heroin so he could later re-inject it to get high again without getting sick, according to the arrest report.

A box containing 12 rounds of Hornady .38 Special ammunition was found in a safe in Beatty’s room.

Beatty, a convicted felon dating back to 1995, has prior convictions for robbery, possession of controlled substances, destruction of evidence and an arrest in March for trafficking in heroin, according to the arrest report.

The Okaloosa County Multi-Agency Task Force is an ongoing partnership between the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Fort Walton Beach Police Department and Crestview Police Department.

According to the release, the Crestview Police Department was vital in obtaining evidence leading to the search warrant and arrest of Beatty.

The investigation is ongoing.

Staff and Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office release

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