New Crestview I-10 interchange begins

A new I-10 interchange is scheduled to be completed mid-2026. It includes a four-lane intersection, rerouting Antioch Road/P.J. Adams Parkway and adding a traffic circle on Antioch Road. (North in this diagram is oriented to the right.) (FDOT)

CRESTVIEW, Fla., Aug. 13, 2022—The Florida Department of Transportation began construction on a new Interstate 10 interchange at Antioch Road/P.J. Adams Parkway in late June.

Interstate construction signs in both eastbound and westbound directions are in place, although most are still covered until actual roadwork there begins.

A triangle of land between Antioch Road and Garrett Pitt Road is being cleared so P.J. Adams Parkway can continue west to Garrett Pitt Road. (North is oriented at the top in this image.) (Google Maps)

Clearing has also begun in the triangle area east of Garrett Pitt Road and south of Antioch Road.

According to Florida Department of Transportation diagrams, major changes will occur to P.J. Adams, Garrett Pitt Road and Antioch Road as part of the new interstate interchange.

Beginning at the intersection of Antioch Road and P.J. Adams, the parkway will continue west to Garrett Pitt Road before making a turn north, traveling between Addison Place Apartments on the west and the Taylor Farms housing subdivision on the east, to intersect where the new I-10 interchange will be.

The new section of roadway that connects with I-10 will be called P.J. Adams Parkway.

A portion of Antioch Road south of Taylor Farms subdivision will be abandoned. (North in this diagram is oriented toward the bottom.) (FDOT)

The current 1.7-mile section of Antioch Road to Garrett Pitt Road will be abandoned.

Antioch Road will pick up and continue on its existing roadway northwest over I-10 at a new traffic light to be installed where Garrett Pitt Road currently meets Antioch Road.

In addition to rerouting Antioch Road, a new single-lane roundabout/traffic circle will be constructed between Antioch Road, Whitehurst Lane, Addison Place and Garret Pit Road with the new P.J. Adams alignment.

Travel options

According to a Florida Department of Transportation news release, the new interstate interchange will provide an alternative to the heavily traveled State Road 85 corridor.

Estimated cost for the interchange is $73 million with completion of an exit and nearly 1.5 miles of new roadway around mid 2026.

This will be Crestview’s second I-10 interchange. By comparison, the Milton/Bagdad area has four interstate exits.

Crestview’s new exit will be assigned “Exit 53” and will be located approximately 2.6 miles west of State Road 85 and east of the existing Antioch Road bridge over I-10.

Work includes the new interchange and roundabout, a new I-10 bridge over P.J. Adams Parkway, a four-lane corridor that will extend P.J. Adams and become part of the planned Crestview bypass, and 5-foot bicycle lanes and 6-foot sidewalks along both sides of the parkway.

Sound walls along I-10 will be constructed between the interstate and nearby private properties to help buffer roadway noise.

Construction of a new I-10 interchange will mean shifting travel lanes, detouring eastbound and westbound traffic 1-2 miles. (North is oriented at the top in this diagram.) (FDOT)


According to the FDOT release, the project will require temporary detours, periodic lane changes and traffic shifts on I-10 during the interchange construction.

A temporary 1-2 mile detour will be placed on I-10 for much of the construction period. The detour will shift I-10 east and westbound traffic to the eastbound side of the roadway to accommodate construction of the new interchange.

Temporary travel lanes will be constructed allowing two lanes of both east- and westbound traffic to remain open during construction.

Speed limit on this section of I-10 will be reduced to 60 mph while the temporary detour is in place.

Lane closures will be limited to 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., Monday through Thursday, with no lane closures on weekends.

Drivers on P.J. Adams Parkway will encounter periodic lane closures and lane shifts throughout construction. Lane closures will be limited to overnight hours, 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. daily.

Staff and FDOT news release

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